Selling Hello Kitty collection
I'm trying to give my parents some storage room back so I'm selling off some of my Hello Kitty collection. I've held on to these for years. I can't bear to use them. They're too cute. Most of it is hard to find and for sale in Japan only. Some I brought back from Asia. I hope it goes to another collector that will take care of it. All items are new and in a box or wrapping, unless otherwise noted. Buyer pays for shipping. I usually ship flat rate USPS. I take Paypal and Square cash. (I prefer square cash, it's easy to set up and theres no fees for me =P)

This is a new in box Tare Panda set of bowls, matching chopsticks and panda chopstick rest. One of the panda chopstick rest has a shoddy paint job, but cute none the less. Never been used. $40

Ceramic bowl with ceramic spoon. $20

2003 ceramic bowl with Hello Kitty Lid, selling seperately. Small $8. Large$12.

Super rare Vivitix Hello Kitty 2003 Ceramic bowl with matching chopstick rest and wooden chopsticks. Bowl has a nice delicate feel and look. $40

Hello Kitty 2001 Sake set with 2 cups $45

2003 Hello Kitty Tea canister $15

Hello kitty short bowls with lids $8 each.

Thermos with straws $40

French press for one. $30

IMAG044620cm $5
IMAG044920cm $5
IMAG0451I have two of these 22.5cm $4 each
IMAG0453Not Hello Kitty but a cat I think. 18cm $5
Matches the bowl and chopstick rest set up above. I have 2 spoons and 2 forks. $18 for a set.

Bento Box Mayo Case / Sauce Cups with scoop. $2

Furoshiki Fabric for Wrapping Bentos and gifts $8

Makeup bag, has two compartments and a tissue pocket 15cmx9cmx6.5cm $18

Wallet 13.5cmx9.5cm$15

2004 Silicon Mat 16.5cmx14.5cm $15

2005 Cutting mat set, Chopping board. large 30cmx21.5cm, small 18cmx15.5cm $8

2004 Hard Plastic Hello Kitty Chopping board $10
I have 2 of these for sale. Very rare 2003 vivitix Hello Kitty straw place mats. back of mat is a pink checkered fabric. $20 each

Thanks for looking, I'll post more stuff when I bring it back from home. 

Selling Makeup
Originally posted by neehowmao at Selling Makeup
Most of this stuff came in sets or were gifts. I keep buying eyeshadow yet don't know how to wear it so its wasted. If not marked as *NEW then I probably swatched it or played with it a bit, but still pretty much untouched since. I have lots of stuff that just sits wasting away in my drawer, so I'm hoping it can go where it will be used.

I took photos with my screen name to prove I have it on hand. I will ship with tracking. I will take Debit through Paypal or Square Cash. Once I recieve payment I will ship out items. Buyer pays for shipping, I try to ship the cheapest way but if its heavy, flat rate may be best. I use USPS.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to ask questions. Thanks for looking.

Paul & Joe Beaute
lj_IMAG0675IMAG0676 *NEW Finishing Powder #001 $20

IMAG0658 Eye color #11 $2

IMAG0609 Color Powder CS #071 $5

IMAG0613 *NEW Pearl powder #001 $5

IMAG0604 Pressed Powdeer Duo $10

IMAG0619 *NEW Lip Gloss N #10 $5

IMAG0620*NEW Eye Gloss N #05 $5

IMAG0621 Clear Lip Gloss N #02 $4

IMAG0623 Lip Gloss N #06 $4

IMAG0590IMAG0591 Refillable Pressed Powder $15

IMAG0598IMAG0599 Eyeshadow Palette $10

IMAG0624IMAG0625 Eyeshadow palette $2

IMAG0639IMAG0640 *NEW in BOX, Maquillage Mascara $8

lj_IMAG0688*NEW Buxom Mascara in Blackest Black and Lip Gloss Minis in Gina & Dolly $10

IMAG0617 Ginger $3

IMAG0618*NEW Brandi $5

IMAG0595IMAG0597*NEW Jill Stuart Compact Super cute packaging! Marshmallow Puffy #101 $15

IMAG0606IMAG0607Jill Stuart Eyeshadow cream, comes in a super cute pot #103 Snow parfait $5

IMAG0616 *NEW Lip gloss with cute little Jewel on cap Sugar Kiss #101 $3

IMAG0626*NEW Blush brush. SUPER Cute!! has a jewel accent. $10

IMAG0600IMAG0601Shu Uemura x Tsumori Chisato Eye and Cheek compact $40
Don't know why the pic is upside down, I don't know how to fix it...
IMAG0602IMAG0603 *NEW Shu Uemura x Tsumori Chisato Compact $35

IMAG0605 Eye Shadow Palette Tsarina #406 $15

IMAG0611 *NEW Eye Shadow Powder $10

IMAG0678IMAG0679*NEW in Box Travel size Highlighter Golden Shimmer #04 $8

IMAG0680IMAG0681 *NEW in Box Travel size Highlighter Mythic #01 $8

IMAG0587Lipstick Forever Beige #558 $5

IMAG0608 Eyeshadow Palette $5

IMAG0614*NEW Lipgloss $1

IMAG0627Loose Powder Compact

IMAG0629IMAG0628*NEW Loose Powder with Puff and scoop. (The powder has a puncture in the paper cover, probably from when I wasn't sure what color it was but never used) Used as finishing powder $30

IMAG0650Rose Ring Lip balm $4

DOLLY WINK Bottom False Eyelashes from Japan
IMAG0667Comes with a tube of glue $10
IMAG0668Comes with a tube of glue $10
TOKIDODI Eye Shadow Palletes
IMAG0669IMAG0670IMAG0671*NEW in Box Eyeshadow, no key fob, cute for trinkets $25IMAG0672IMAG0673IMAG0674 *NIB Eyeshadow w/ key fob, cute to hold trinkets $25
                                                                                          (Again I don't know why)
IMAG0684IMAG0682IMAG0683 *NIB Eyeshadow, no key fob, Cute box to hold trinkets $25
IMAG0660Lip stain $2

Purfume All new never been used
IMAG0630 *NEW in Box with charm bracelet $25

IMAG0637IMAG0638Stila Smudge Pot Eye Liner Brown $4

IMAG0643IMAG0644 *NEW in Box eyeshadow palette bought in Hong Kong $5

IMAG0645 Maybelline $3

IMAG0646 Maybelline $3

IMAG0647 Maybelline $3

IMAG0653IMAG0654 Stila Kitten $1

IMAG0655 Tarte Shimmering Taupe $4

IMAG0656IMAG0657Clinique $1

IMAG0659 Tarte Exposed $1

IMAG0677 *NIB Make up Forever Aqua Cream for Eyes and Cheeks shade #12 $6

IMAG0685IMAG0686 YSL Mirror with dust bag $8

IMAG0648IMAG0649 LED lit compact mirror, requires batteries. $10

lj_IMAG0689 *NEW Trish McEvoy Highlighter $3

IMAG0584 *NIB Benefit High Beam $10

IMAG0585 Sephora Moonshadow Baked Eyeshadow compact $10

IMAG0588 Givenchy Lipstick Candide Tangerine #50 $8

IMAG0589Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Pallete $20

IMAG0592 Eye Shadow with Primer $5

IMAG0593IMAG0594 Dior Eye & Lip Pallate (Swatched) $25

IMAG0631Benefit Bronzer  $4
IMAG0610Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Shadow #5 $5


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